Leadership Development Opportunities 

Leadership development is a broad set of activities that encourage responsibility, employability, and other positive social behaviors

Labor Market and Employment Information

Introduce youth to research and resources to identify in-demand occupations and industry sectors available in their local area; including employment statistics, job forecasts, wages, demographics and economic conditions.

Supportive Services

Supportive services include assistance such as transportation, child care, dependent care, and housing that is necessary to enable an individual to participate in WIOA youth program activities

Adult Mentoring for Twelve Months 

Adult mentoring is a one-to-one supportive relationship between an adult and a youth that is based on trust. High-quality adult mentoring programs include an adult role model 
who builds a working relationship with a youth and who fosters the development of positive life skills in youth.


Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

Comprehensive guidance and counseling is a process of helping youth make and implement informed educational, occupational, and life choices. Comprehensive guidance and counseling programs impart skills through counselor-directed learning opportunities that help youth achieve success through academic, career, personal, and social development.

Follow-Up Services

Follow-up services are activities after completion of participation to monitor youths’ success during their transition to employment and further education and to provide assistance as needed for a successful transition.

Activities to Prepare Youth For and Transition to Post-Secondary Education and Training

Tutoring, Study Skills Training and Instruction Leading to Secondary School Completion, Including Dropout Prevention Strategies 

Tutoring is a teaching relationship that focuses on specific academic areas; tutoring is an effective practice for addressing specific needs. Tutoring helps youth succeed in school by offering the individualized instruction that youth need in structured sessions held regularly by a qualified tutor who monitors and reinforces the youth’s progress. Dropout prevention strategies are interventions that address causes of youth dropping out of school 


Alternative Secondary School Offerings

Alternative schools offer specialized, structured curriculum inside or outside of the public school system which may provide work/study and/or academic intervention for students with behavior problems, physical/mental disabilities, who are at-risk of dropping out, who are  institutionalized or adjudicated youth and/or youth who are in the legal custody of the juvenile system.

Education Offered Concurrently

Education offered concurrently with and in the same context as workplace preparation activities and training for a specific occupation or occupational cluster.

Occupational Skills Training

Occupational skill training constitutes an organized program of study that provides specific vocational skills that lead to proficiency in performing actual tasks and technical functions required by certain occupational fields at entry, intermediate, or advanced levels. 


Paid and Unpaid Work Experiences, Including Internships and Job Shadowing 

Work experiences are short-term, planned, structured learning experiences that occur in a workplace and are focused on career exploration and the development of work readiness skills

Financial Literacy Education

Introduce youth to concepts of money management, credit, debt management, risk management, investing and retirement planning.

Entrepreneurial Skills Training
Assist youth in identifying and developing special interests, talents and skills necessary to pursue building their own business from concept to implementation.


Participants are required to attend monthly activities that will cover one of the following program elements listed below.

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